Monday, 21 March 2011

Welcome To The Ice Cream Boat Blog

Welcome to our boat 'Arr Gee Bargie' It is a small buisness on the side of the Saltaire Canal.
We have caused quite a stir since we first arrived in April, 2010 with our unusual way of selling Ice Cream. In the Spring and Summer months we are selling Ice Cream. We sell traditional vanilla ice cream as well as lots of others, cheaper than you can buy in the shops.
But we are still open during the Autumn and Winter months offering warm Soup and other snacks to keep you warm on a cold day.
We don't just sell Ice Cream, we also sell Hot Dogs and Bacon Butties.
We are compleatly legal to trade and sell on the canal, and hope to open other boats in places like Liverpool.
Regards, Lucas Wilson, Website Manager

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